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Interior Concrete Insulation System

Interior Concrete Insulation System (CIS)

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High Performance Rigid Insulation
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Hydronic In Floor Heating and Insulation

Hydronic in floor heating and insulation

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Invest in a high-quality insulation system that will benefit for all seasons. At Effective Thermal Solutions Ltd. we offer a large selection of Canadian manufactured products that are perfect for the climate of Canada. Our insulation works all year long!

Since there are numerous heating and insulation solutions on the market, we focus on finding area specific solutions that make your building in Saskatchewan energy efficient, cost effective and healthy for you and the environment.

What Sets Effective Thermal Solutions Apart
Owner Edwin has comprehensive knowledge of the products he supplies and many years of experience in the construction industry. He will be happy to speak directly with you to discuss how the transition to Effective Thermal Solution’s products can make a positive energy saving result for homeowners and building contractors in Saskatchewan.

Call us today at 306-222-4428 for a product estimate that suits your needs!

It Doesn’t Cost to Build Green – It Pays!

Insulation and air sealing are truly an investment because you will save you real energy dollars! You won’t waste energy, whether gas or electricity.

If the price of high quality, correctly designed and properly installed products adds $5,000 to the original cost of your home and you have a 30-year mortgage at 3%, then the increase in your mortgage payment is $21 per month. But the investment should lower your monthly utility bills by $30, you will receive a $9 monthly energy savings return on your investment. The greater the ROI, the quicker energy costs rise.

Healthy Living Environment

Our insulation systems have no formaldehyde or mineral fibers. They also don’t absorb moisture or promote mold and mildew. You can have healthier air quality!

In floor heating pipes
In floor heating
CIS basement

All of our products are environmentally responsible and friendly. So you can rest assured that by using Effective Thermal Solutions you are doing your part to help the environment. Our product line allows you to save energy and live comfortably, without overspending and harming the environment; something that we take a lot of pride in.