Durable Subgrade Insulation

Subgrade insulation (SGI) made by Quik-Therm. This system’s material is resistant to chipping, cracking, and breaking. The insulation is resistant to chipping, cracking and breaking. It has an advanced below-grade R-value performance.

More Than Just Insulation

SGI is an all-in-one product that provides insulation and a radon, air and vapor barrier. SGI is code compliant.

Available in Rolls or Sheets

SGI rolls are 11/16″ thick x 4′ wide x 48′ long (192 sq ft), and 4′ x 8′ sheets.

All SGI products have varying thicknesses and densities. The effective R-value performance is from R-5 to R-30.

Fast and Hassle-Free Installation

SGI is quicker and easier to install than the usual below grade insulation products and poly. This is because 1 roll of SGI is equal to 6 sheets of traditional foam board insulation.


Frost edge, Basement Wall Exterior, Back-fill (that is currently code compliant).

Sub-Grade Insulation for hassle free installation

Multi-Purpose Rigid Insulation

Effective Thermal Solutions Ltd. offers a multi-purpose rigid insulation (MPI) manufactured by Quik-Therm for home and building use. It greatly increases indoor comfort and helps reduce energy bills. Furthermore, it is sturdy, flexible, and easy to install.

A Tried-and-Tested Product

A certified laboratory assessed the insulating power of MPI. According to their reports, the effective R-value of nearly all tested wall assemblies were increased twofold by MPI, whether on its own or blended with fiberglass insulation.

Fabricated in Rolls and Sheets

MPI sheets are 4′ wide x 8′ long, and they are available in different thicknesses.

A Multi-Function Insulation System

MPI is a four-in-one product. It acts as a barrier against vapor, air, radon, and radiant heat transfer.

Sub-Grade Insulation available in sheets or rolls

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